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Gates on GCN Waluigi Stadium

Wiimmfi competition #136 (2020-03.3)
Drive through the gates in GCN Waluigi Stadium! Get the crowd going by pulling off some wild tricks!

Invitation letter to the Wii

Drive through the gates in
GCN Waluigi Stadium!

Don't forget to get the crowd going
by pulling off some wild tricks!

Wii description of the competition

Drive through the gates in
GCN Waluigi Stadium!

Get the crowd going by pulling
off some wild tricks!

The competition ends on Sunday 29 March 2020, 11:59 PM UTC

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Top 20 rankings of 131 total of this competition

RankTimeMii nameFriend codeCountryDriverVehicleControllerVideo
Funky KongFlame RunnerClassic
Funky KongFlame RunnerNunchuk
Funky KongFlame RunnerClassic
Funky KongFlame RunnerNunchuk
Funky KongFlame RunnerNunchuk
Funky KongFlame RunnerGamecube
Funky KongFlame RunnerClassic
Funky KongFlame RunnerClassic
Funky KongFlame RunnerGamecube
Funky KongFlame RunnerClassic
DaisyMach BikeClassic
LuigiMach BikeNunchuk
13th50.074trap lord3356-0775-7226
Funky KongFlame RunnerNunchuk
DaisyMach BikeNunchuk
DaisyMach BikeClassic
Donkey KongFlame RunnerNunchuk
Funky KongFlame RunnerClassic
Funky KongFlame RunnerWii Wheel
Funky KongFlame RunnerNunchuk
Funky KongFlame RunnerClassic
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How to get competitions?

The competition patcher is finally finished - here is a tutorial on how to patch your console to download competitions from Wiimmfi.


(Step 2 is only needed if you'd like to receive announcement letters to your message board).

You then need to use use a Wiimmfi-patched ISO or CTGP with disabled CTs and no SD card savegame. The Auto Wiimmfi Patcher (which patches a disc on the fly) might also work if you use version v0.5 or higher, but that hasn't been tested yet.

In case you still haven't received the competition after 12 hours although your Wii has been in standby (yellow LED) you may try to follow these steps again and press "1" when the patcher finished. This makes the Wii immediately check for a new competition, but this may break automatic standby checks for new competitions, so only do that if the standby download doesn't work for you anyways.


The WiiU has no WiiConnect24 download manager, so a permanent patch for automatic downloads is not possible. You will need to run the downloader app every time you'd like to check for a new competition. Just download it to your SD card and run it to download the current competition to your savegame.

The effects of this patcher are reset when you leave the vWii, so you need to run it every time.


You can find a video tutorial on YouTube: Wii | WiiU

Competition status

Competitions available: 43/46
3 competitions missing (2 completely, 1 partially)

Has the patch been successful?

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Collecting competition data

If you visited this page to upload your save game to help us collect all the different competitions, you can upload it with this form:

This upload form is currently broken. Please try again later.

This form supports VFF files (wc24dl.vff file from your savegame), BIN files (a complete savegame) and RKC files (the competition itself, whereever you might have got that from).

The wc24dl.vff file can either be copied from your savegame directly (when you extracted it to SD card with an app like Savegame Manager GX) or can also be taken from old NAND backups. Old NAND backups are a great source for the older competitions as the save game tends to have a newer one.
You can extract a Bootmii NAND backup (nand.bin) with tools like nandExtract; the VFF file can then be found in /title/00010004/524d43xx/data/, where xx is a region-specific value.

If you have an old wc24dl.vff / data.bin file on your SD card, please upload it with the form above. If you don't, please don't just copy the current one from your Wii to the SD card and upload that, instead, just use the competition patcher to upload the version which is currently on your Wii - files uploaded using the patcher can automatically be checked for new competitions by the competition service - for files uploaded with the form this is not the case and we need to manually check if it contains a missing competition

The patcher checks for and uploads the following files:

from the following sources:

More information about competition collecting can be found here.